written and created by Francis Lee

The death of a woman causes the paths of three strangers to collide in a way that will change their lives forever.

MIDNIGHT … an experienced and highly skilled detective, upholding the law with honour by day … but operating outside it by night.

Frustration with the legal system, seemingly loaded in the favour of criminals and their high priced lawyers, compels him to don a mask and stealth clothing when darkness falls to pursue his own one man battle against the criminals that control the city.

Building a reputation amongst the underworld as a shadowy figure to be feared. His enemies vow to kill him if they can find out who he is behind the mask.

RAXTON … once a legendary government sanctioned assassin, he now heads a vast and powerful “invisible” organisation, its very purpose shrouded in secrecy. The influence of this organisation extends to the furthest corners of the globe.

RAXTON personally has direct lines of communication to both heads of government and international crime cartels alike. All remain in dread of his call except for a very select few.

SARAH … a highly intelligent and independently wealthy young woman, honourable in her dedication and passion in pursuit of her normal duties as an undercover government agency field operative, yet ruthless in pursuit of her own personal hidden agenda.

The death of SARAH’s mother in suspicious circumstances, leads SARAH to uncover a link between her mother’s death and RAXTON.

SARAH is determined to leave no stone unturned in her quest for the truth about the death of her mother and ultimate vengeance against the person responsible for her death.

During her investigations SARAH learns about MIDNIGHT and stumbles across facts that lead her to uncovering his secret identity.

Obsessed with her quest, she decides to wear a mask and stealth clothing of her own to hide her real identity and blackmails MIDNIGHT into one choice … assist her in toppling RAXTON and his evil empire … or risk his double life being exposed by her.

What starts out as an unwanted and uneasy alliance between them, slowly develops into something much more personal and intense, as RAXTON and the organisation become aware of their interest in them.

Although their identities are not yet known to the organisation, MIDNIGHT and SARAH both know that with the limitless resources and vast global informant network that the organisation has access to, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered and hunted down.


Their reliance on each other therefore soon becomes a question of survival itself, as they head towards their inevitable confrontation with RAXTON and the deadly forces that he commands.

As this ever twisting tale of revenge and redemption unfolds, one thing becomes clear …


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