Starting life as an independent comic book published in the United Kingdom, TALES OF MIDNIGHT soon gained global awareness, thanks to the Singapore based internationally distributed PLAY TIMES magazine.


The publishers of PLAY TIMES magazine so loved the look and feel of the characters that they sought a license from the creator Francis Lee, to serialise the TALES OF MIDNIGHT story. PLAY TIMES printed episodes of the comic book story every month in their magazine.


Such was the instant appeal of the characters to PLAY TIMES readers that the publishers flew Francis Lee out to Singapore to sign copies of PLAY TIMES for their TALES OF MIDNIGHT fans. The signing took place at the international launch of TREXI, the magazine’s own range of urban vinyl toy.

That international coverage of the TREXI launch raised the awareness of TALES OF MIDNIGHT to a whole new level.

To build on that awareness Francis Lee travelled to many other international conventions around the world to spread the word about TALES OF MIDNIGHT … resulting in legions of new fans of all ages and genders … stretching all the way from SAN DIEGO to SINGAPORE.

This increased awareness at conventions like UNICON in LAS VEGAS all lead to other licenses being sought for TALES OF MIDNIGHT in the merchandise industry … as happened with the world famous collectibles giant CORGI.

CORGI were approaching their 50th anniversary celebrations and looking for a special hot new property to license, which in their view would be strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with their own CORGI brand and also have the staying power to still be popular many years into the future.

They decided that TALES OF MIDNIGHT fitted that bill perfectly 

CORGI asked Francis Lee to go on tour with them to promote their superb officially licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT statues by signing autographs for the fans at all of the major USA conventions … including the SAN DIEGO Comic Con … WIZARD WORLD in Chicago … and the NEW YORK Toy Fair


Those fantastic limited edition TALES OF MIDNIGHT statues and die cast metal figures, now sit proudly alongside the MARVEL figures also produced by CORGI for their 50th anniversary celebrations.


Now … FRANSLAND Studios in collaboration with THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE .COM celebrates the launch of the PHASE BLUE … PHASE GREEN and PHASE RED range of NFTs … by offering fantastic behind the scenes interviews, with actors who played key roles in Sci Fi FILM and TV classics like STAR WARSDOCTOR WHOSTAR TREKBABYLON 5 and BLAKES 7 

CLICK HERE to watch WALTER KOENIG discussing a role in the TALES OF MIDNIGHT animated series

Such has been the impact of Francis Lee’s creation that the BBC sent ADIL RAY and a film crew to interview him about the TALES OF MIDNIGHT phenomenon and to explore why it gained such a widespread international following


That BBC interview was broadcast as part of a special programme featuring rising star comic book creators and publishers. The programme drew such positive feedback from viewers, that the BBC posted a report of that Francis Lee TALES OF MIDNIGHT interview on the BBC website

Francis Lee continues to travel to major Comic and Film Conventions across the world to meet fans … sign autographs and share news about all the exciting multi media projects being developed for TALES OF MIDNIGHT

TALES OF MIDNIGHT is currently being developed for a whole range of multi media projects including both Film and TV





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