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Each one of the PHASE BLUE range of NFTs will also give owners access to clues in a Treasure Map that will be released in PHASE GREEN … that will allow you to enter a REAL WORLD Treasure Hunt for one of the rarest coins in the world … a one of a kind 24k SOLID GOLD COIN that will be specially minted for FRANSLAND Studios

There will be 13,400 NFTs released in PHASE BLUE

Our 13,400 PHASE BLUE NFTs feature 5 Tiers of rarity and utility


To promote the NFTs to the millions of Sci Fi fans in the world, a series of rare filmed interviews with actors from STAR WARS, STAR TREK, and DOCTOR WHO will be showcased by THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE .COM.

There is a special rare NFT class which will offer the owners of special NFTs in that class, access to an EXCLUSIVE longer version DIRECTOR’S CUT of some of those interviews.

There are ambitious plans to launch a FRANSLAND Studios Crypto Token that will have the utility to purchase officially licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT artwork via a Web3 trading platform, for use by entrepreneurs in their own Print On Demand businesses like CAFE PRESS.

There will be a special class of NFT launched that will allow other creators who wish to join that trading platform to offer their own artwork images for sale to use in a Print On Demand business, if they use the FRANSLAND Studios Crypto Token as their currency of choice in those transactions.

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Check back here soon to find out exciting news about the collaboration between
TALES OF MIDNIGHT creator Francis Lee and 21 DEMONS creator Paul Roper
for a Web3 crossover GRAPHIC NOVEL story featuring both their characters … to be published on the blockchain … that will have a story influenced by feedback from the FRANSLAND Studio NFT community

Starting life as an independently published UK comic book TALES OF MIDNIGHT soon gained a worldwide following after the Singapore based publishers at PLAY Imaginative spotted the potential for TALES OF MIDNIGHT and secured a license from Francis Lee to publish pages of his TALES OF MIDNIGHT comic in their own globally distributed monthly magazines

The growing fan base for TALES OF MIDNIGHT drove demand for the officially licensed merchandise that has been produced including lunchboxes, calendars, playing cards, collectable chips and a superb range of limited edition statues produced by the internationally renowned collectibles giant CORGI that were marketed alongside MARVEL statues of SPIDER-MAN and WOLVERINE that were also produced by CORGI as part of CORGI’s 50th anniversary celebrations


Francis Lee is the creative and commercial driving force behind FRANSLAND Studios bringing many years of experience from working very successfully in the Music Industry, Computer Games Industry and the Comic Book and Pop Culture Memorabilia industry.

The rapid rise in popularity for TALES OF MIDNIGHT prompted the  BBC to broadcast an interview with him as part of a special feature focusing on rising comic book creators and publishers.

TALES OF MIDNIGHT continues to gain international fans of all ages and genders as Francis Lee travels around the world to Comic and Sci Fi Conventions to sign autographs and promote officially licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT merchandise … with his latest trip taking him to Las Vegas in November 2022  for the UNICON Convention where he appeared as a guest on the HEROES FOR SALE booth

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