FRANSLAND Studios is a creative collective of highly talented individuals, founded to develop an exciting range of multi media projects based on TALES OF MIDNIGHT the comic book sensation created by Francis Lee


The NFT phenomenon, has created a huge worldwide market for this highly collectible NEW digital art form

FRANSLAND Studios has created a stunning range of 3D animated NFT designs

Each NFT minted in PHASE BLUE gives the owner access to a Treasure Map that will be released in PHASE GREEN

That Map will allow you to enter a REAL WORLD Treasure Hunt for one of the rarest coins in the world … a one of a kind 24k SOLID GOLD COIN that will be specially minted for FRANSLAND Studios

JOIN OUR PREMINT REGISTER for a chance to secure an NFT


TALES OF MIDNIGHT has a growing legion of international fans of all ages and genders stretching from SAN DIEGO to SINGAPORE


FRANSLAND Studios in collaboration with  THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE  brings you EXCLUSIVE filmed interviews with actors who played key roles in Sci Fi classics  STAR WARSDOCTOR WHOSTAR TREKBLAKES 7 and BABYLON 5

All interviews are presented by Francis Lee


FRANSLAND Studios in collaboration with other business partners has produced a superb range of Officially Licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT merchandise


There are plans to develop TALES OF MIDNIGHT as a Rock Opera

Watch the Promo video for the MIDNIGHT Rock Track performed by THE DAWN



Your chance to unlock an EXCLUSIVE Director’s Cut longer version of a filmed interview on THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE website featuring PETER MAYHEW the actor who played CHEWBACCA in the original STAR WARS Trilogy


FRANSLAND Studios takes a further step into the blockchain by planning the ambitious launch of a Crypto Token that can be used to buy TALES OF MIDNIGHT images that can be used to create and market officially licensed merchandise


Exciting plans are now in development to create a world of augmented reality and METAVERSE Escape Rooms that will require the use of FRANSLAND Studios NFT artefacts to solve them


 FRANSLAND Studios is always looking for talented people

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