Fransland Studios was founded by Francis Lee to develop a range of multi media  projects based on his creation TALES OF MIDNIGHT.

 He brings many years of experience to FRANSLAND Studios from across a wide range of disciplines, from his time working in the Music Industry, the Computer Games Industry and the Comic Book and Pop Culture Memorabilia industries.

Starting life in the Music industry as a Mobile Disco DJ he went on to become Capital Radio’s Young DJ of the year.

Following his love of music he worked at EMI Records, CBS Records and WEA Records, where he achieved two Silver Discs and a Gold Disc for sales and marketing achievements at WEA Records.


Francis made the move into the computer games industry working for the acclaimed computer games label BEYOND Software, starting in the sales division before moving up through the ranks until he finished up as Publisher of the company.

He eventually left BEYOND to launch his own computer games company and Record Label DESTINY which he ran until he finally found the opportunity to fulfil his boyhood dream of opening and running his own comic book store.

During the happy years that he spent at his comic book and collectables store, he found the inspiration to create and publish his own comic book creation TALES OF MIDNIGHT.

Drawing on his own experience and skills as a former Martial Arts instructor Francis used that knowledge to help him write and create the characters in his TALES OF MIDNIGHT story.

Taking TALES OF MIDNIGHT to comic conventions up and down the country, Francis soon gained legions of fans across the UK for his comic, as people of all races and genders found themselves attracted by the look and feel of his characters .


Blue chip companies like the collectables giant CORGI also saw the commercial appeal of his superhero characters and negotiated deals to produce officially licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT merchandise like these superb statues.

It wasn’t long before word of TALES OF MIDNIGHT started to make its way outside the UK and Francis found himself being approached by the Singapore based publisher of PLAY Imaginative, who saw the potential for TALES OF MIDNIGHT.

He granted them a license to publish TALES OF MIDNIGHT regularly in the pages of the internationally distributed monthly PLAY Times magazine.

This opened up TALES OF MIDNIGHT to a huge international audience, which resulted in a global awareness and fan base

To raise awareness even further for TALES OF MIDNIGHT among the many millions of Sci Fi fans around the world, Francis produced and directed a series of exclusive interviews with key actors from classic Sci Fi Movies and TV series like STAR WARS … DOCTOR WHO … STAR TREK … BLAKES SEVEN … and BABYLON 5. Interviews which are now showcased on THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE .COM

Still as passionate now about TALES OF MIDNIGHT as when he first created it, Francis still continues to appear at comic book and film conventions all over the world to meet fans and sign autographs.

His latest trip was to the USA at the UNICON comic convention in LAS VEGAS to spread the word about PHASE BLUE the first range of NFTs due to be released by FRANSLAND Studios.

Francis plans to attend the other major conventions around the world , including returning to the huge SAN DIEGO comic convention in July, where he will to continue to tell fans about the  range of FRANSLAND Studio NFTs.

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