Springing from the pages of the highly acclaimed comic book TALES OF MIDNIGHT created by Francis Lee … this superhero property is currently being developed for FILM … TV … ROCK OPERA … MOBILE GAME … NFT … CRYPTO and THE METAVERSE

MIDNIGHT and his partner Sarah set out to defend the blockchain from the evil mastermind who would seek to enslave it.

As this exciting TALE OF MIDNIGHT unfolds … one thing will become clear




Be ready to experience and be part of one of the most ambitious MULTI MEDIA projects the blockchain has ever seen … built around a new superhero property that has already gained a loyal INTERNATIONAL fan base across the world … stretching from SAN DIEGO to SINGAPORE

Each NFT released in PHASE BLUE will carry a unique code that will allow the owner access to a TREASURE MAP to be released in PHASE GREEN

That TREASURE MAP will offer the first in a series of CLUES to allow you to secure one of the world’s RAREST Treasures … a real world SOLID GOLD COIN that will be specially minted for FRANSLAND Studios in PHASE RED

There will also be an EXCLUSIVE range of NFT released in PHASE BLUE that will carry a special code that will unlock an EXCLUSIVE Longer Version¬† DIRECTOR’S CUT of an interview with STAR WARS Actor Dave Prowse on the website thedarksideoftheforce.com

Dave Prowse, the actor who played DARTH VADER in STAR WARS … is just one of the many beloved Sci Fi actors interviewed by Francis Lee on thedarksideoftheforce.com

Other interviews feature key actors from STAR WARS … DOCTOR WHO … STAR TREK … BABYLON 5 … and BLAKES 7

Francis Lee continues to travel the world, to meet TALES OF MIDNIGHT fans to sign autographs and spread the news about the exciting new developments over at FRANSLAND Studios.

His latest trip saw him visiting LAS VEGAS for the UNICON Convention … where he appeared as a guest of honour on the HEROES FOR SALE booth to sign autographs for TALES OF MIDNIGHT fans and tell them all about the new range of NFTs being released in PHASE BLUE by FRANSLAND Studios

Francis was happy to let everyone know that SHAWN … JOSH and DAVID the guys who run HEROES FOR SALE … are some of the friendliest guys you could ever meet. So if you are looking for a collectible store that sells an amazing selection of comic books … Toys … Funko Pops and Trading Cards … then you should definitely head over to HEROES FOR SALE



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