FRANSLAND Studios makes the exciting move into the world of CRYPTO by launching the FRANSLAND Token.

Every FRANSLAND NFT owner will be able to claim a FREE Air Drop of FRANSLAND Tokens.

These Token will have the REAL WORLD utility of being the only currency accepted to purchase licenses for beautiful TALES OF MIDNIGHT images that can be used in print on demand operations like CAFÉ PRESS or PRINTIFY


With inflation running high and people losing jobs, the FRANSLAND Token could offer people the key to earn extra money or create a new full time income, by setting up their own print on demand operation which they can run from their home or office.

FRANSLAND Studios has created a huge range of attractive TALES OF MIDNIGHT images for which licenses to use them in print on demand operation like CAFE PRESS or PRINTIFY can be purchased for as low as $0.50 per image … using the FRANSLAND Crypto Token as the exchange of value purchase currency.

This LOW PRICE barrier to entry offers people around the world, a REAL chance to potentially make a difference in their lives, by creating and selling officially licensed TALES OF MIDNIGHT merchandise, like T-SHIRTS … MUGS … BASEBALL CAPS and other items of merchandise, working from their home or office.

CHECK BACK HERE SOON for details of the WEB3 website that will be launched to allow you to buy licenses for those TALES OF MIDNIGHT images using the Crypto FRANSLAND Token

To find out more about CAFÉ PRESS CLICK HERE


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